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Pastel is both a drawing and a painting medium of amazing beauty and versatility. I am eager to offer complete technical information about making art with Pastel, dispelling myths and fears which prevent students from developing Pastel to its most dynamic potential. Helping students have more confidence in their own creativity is a major part of my teaching goals.

My workshops focus on The Still Life, the Portrait & Figure , Landscape & Animals or combinations of all. There are classes designed for the Beginner as well as for the Intermediate to Advanced painter. Each day, students will receive lots of personal attention at their own easels, as well as watch me demonstrate everything discussed in the lecture phase of the class.

All workshops will include: creating mood & developing a personal point of view; capturing a likeness & accuracy in drawing; seeing and selecting  accurate colors  and values; composing  and lighting the still life and figure model, as well as painting with sensitivity and discernment. Complete technical information on applying Pastels will be shared.  The student will work from the live model and from actual still life setups.

All classes emphasize the traditional realist approach: learning to see and to duplicate what is seen more accurately. Developing this ability gives an artist a confident foundation from which all experimentation, abstraction and personal artistic growth is possible.

I am most excited when students find their own “voice” with their art and move beyond what I have shared with them into expressing their individual point of view about what touches their hearts in the world they live in.

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Kerrville, Texas
Contact me: kathleen@kathleencook.com

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