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Upcoming Spring Class!

“Making your pastels sing!”

Contact Al Zirkel at the KACC (830 895-2911 )
to register

Classes in my Home Studio

I have room for 4 students. These small studio classes
are designed to give more individual attention and are
fine-tuned for beginner to advanced levels, depending
on the enrollees.

All classes will focus on refining drawing skills,
learning about color, designing stronger paintings and
thinking like an artist.

Students work at their own skill level and all will enjoy
the camaraderie of other serious students, no matter
where they are in their personal art journey. Students
will have access to my art library, what inspires my art,
my portfolios and insight into all the things I have
collected in my studio for years. Seeing where and how a
professional artist works is a very special opportunity.

All studio classes are $325.00 per student for 4 days.

The Beginner classes are for those who are getting
back into art and want a refresher, for those new to
art, and for those who have skill in another medium
but want to know about Pastel. There will be an
emphasis on the Basics and the Still Life will be our

Portrait and Landscape classes are also for all skill
levels. Although having had a beginner class would be
helpful. We will work from live models or go out on
location. Working from photographs will also be covered.

Individual Projects classes will focus on what a
student is currently involved with and needing more

Student Working Finished Art