Portraits and other figurative paintings comprise a large part of the body of work that I create each year.  From my earliest years, I have been blessed with an ability to capture a likeness of a particular person---but beyond that, I love the joy and challenge of being sensitive to the personality of my subject and trying to make each portrait reflect something of the deeper character of that unique person.

A painted portrait is the result of a personal relationship between the artist and the subject. It is the artistís interpretation of her subject, not a falsely flattering mirror or an impartial photograph. The artist filters what she sees through her heart and intuition, using the artistic skills she possesses to capture a singular moment in time.

Prices vary depending on the size of the finished painting, whether the painting is of a head, the entire figure or many figures and how complicated the background is. Additional costs involve the expenses of traveling to a clientís location, the photography and preliminary sketch sessions. The portrait is created from life sittings, the artistís photographs or a combination of both.

Each portrait is unique, with its own set of requirements which affect the final price. The Commissioned Portrait has Four Phases:

Phase I  The Initial Interview ---revealing the clientís expectations.        

Complimentary, by telephone or personally within a 60 mile radius of Kerrville, TX. A travel fee will be charged beyond this distance.

Phase II       The Portrait Photography Study Fee --- starts at $500.00

Photo session, suggested composition, preliminary sketches, guaranteed price quote.  Study fee is deducted from price, if client proceeds with the portrait. The photographs belong to the client.  Artist travel expenses are billed separately.

Phase III     The Portrait Begins --- 1/3 non- refundable retainer.

If the client agrees to the content and price of the portrait, a simple contract outlining the obligations of both artist and client is signed.

Phase IV      Acceptance of the Portrait --- Portrait balance due.

Every artistic effort will be made to satisfy the client.

I invite you to contact me to discuss creating a unique portrait of you or a loved one. I will send you a current price list and other information. Prices start at $750.00 for a head study.

 Contact Information

Kerrville, Texas
Contact me: kathleen@kathleencook.com

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