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A set of SOFT PASTEL STICKS as large as the student is able to acquire. (No Oil Pastels). REMBRANDT brand is a good set to start with and seems to be easier to locate and less expensive than others. It must be emphasized that the more Pastel sticks you have the better your results will be. Sets of less than 48 sticks will not be adequate. If the workshop site has space limitations, there may not be room to spread out your entire collection if you have an extensive assortment, but you can keep them stacked nearby for use as needed.

A set of Eberhard-Faber NU-PASTEL brand HARD PASTEL STICKS. As large as the student is able to acquire. These are not essential for the class, but it is possible to both draw and do some finished work with hard pastels. Omit these if cost is a major factor.

An assortment of PASTEL PENCILS. CARB-OTHELLO, CONTE', etc. A few light, middle and dark tones (not black or white). We will use these for drawing.

Several sheets of CANSON MI-TEINTES PASTEL PAPER in a middle value color (i.e. steel gray, felt gray, light blue, sand, etc.) Not black or white. You may bring other brands of pastel paper.

A sheet or two of ERSTA or the WALLIS SANDED PAPER. This is an optional surface. I will be demonstrating the technique of using and toning these papers. If you wish to do this, please bring several bottles of isopropyl rubbing alcohol, several medium-size OLD bristle brushes.

BACKBOARDS on which to mount your pastel paper at the easel. Masonite, plywood, etc. (1/8" to 1/4"). Cardboard will not be sturdy enough. Cut it to the same size (or slightly larger) as the size of paper you intend to work on.

At least 4 accountant's LEDGER CLIPS or bulldog clips. Available in art and office supply stores. We will use these to attach our paper to the backing boards.

A can of spray workable FIXATIVE (if you are using the Canson surface). (Krylon, etc.)

A kneaded eraser, a single-edged razor blade, a roll of paper towels or old cloths.

A portable EASEL that tilts forward.Table easels are okay, but a floor easel at which you can stand and move freely yields better results. A stool or other small chair, if you want to work sitting.

A small, portable table or similar support on which to display your pastels and other supplies for use at your easel. A 20" x 30" sheet of plywood on top of a TV tray is effective. (Some discount stores offer good, lightweight portable tables at a reasonable cost.) Some tables may be available at the workshop site. Contact the workshop site to inquire.

A BIG SMILE! We will be reaching outside of our comfort zone to learn new things. We will be practicing and experimenting; there will be NO emphasis on making "framable" artworks, so leave that pressure behind. Students who desire a serious critique, with suggestions for improvement, may bring a few completed pieces, or works in progress.


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