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“The Frog waits with breathless anticipation, yearning against all reason for the ravishing ‘Mingo to return his hopeful gaze. Introductions are in order, but CoverDog, world famous fashion model and Doberman, is oblivious to all else except his dazzling face reflected in the mirror.”

A few years ago, at the suggestion of friends and collectors, I expanded one of my paintings called, “A Gift for the Frog!” into a  book.  This painting and 22 others, plus the text, tells a story of learning about love through the humorous and sometimes poignant misadventures of an engaging quartet of characters:  Frog, the wide-eyed innocent, ‘Mingo, the haughty pink flamingo, CoverDog, the self-absorbed fashion model Doberman, and Star, the bearer of all wisdom.

Told with humor, sensitivity and care, A Gift for the Frog!” is a book for all ages, giving a glimpse into the idea of understanding what the giving and receiving of love is all about. The aspects of love that are considered include:  superficial infatuation, inappropriate choices, rejection, the loss and gain of self respect, revelation and remorse, taking responsibility for one’s actions and ultimately, forgiveness, reconciliation and friendship.

Currently, I have been exploring publishing options and have decided that the self-publishing path is the one to take---giving me the flexibility to market this book through my website as well as other commercial book selling venues.

The book is not yet available for purchase, but hopefully it will be in the near future. Please revisit my website to learn the progress of this project.

In addition to the book, “A Gift for the Frog!” is also designed as a series of paintings for exhibition. The paintings which illustrate the book are larger than the usual book illustration sizes (30” x 40”). When displayed around a gallery or museum space, reading left to right, the effect is as though the viewer has stepped into the book.

If you are interested in “A Gift for the Frog” as either a book or an exhibition possibility, please contact me.         

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